Enrollment Process Related Questions

How do I enroll into a course and start learning ?
What happens if Bmusician is not able to allocate a time slot that fits my time preferrences?
How long does it take for the system to allocate me a Guru and Timeslot?
When do I pay fees and what are the fee payment options?
Is the payment secure?

System Related Questions

Do I need install Skype or any other video calling applications ?
Can the classes be re-scheduled?
How many classes in a week?
What is the course duration and when is a course said to be completed?
What happens when I dont show up for a class?
Can I take multiple courses at the same time?
What are the system requirements?
What do I do in case of technical issues during video calls?
What happens when I pay fee for a longer term but complete course earlier? Is the fee amount refundable?
After how many days will an allocation be revoked if I have not paid fees
Are there group classes?
What are the other unique features?
What are the course materials? Do I get a course book?

Guru and Course Related Questions

Can I request for a change of Guru/Timeslot?
Can I select the Guru for my course?
Do I get a course completion certificate?

Fee and Subscription Related

Why we moved to a Subscription based model?
How do I change my subscription plan? How does it work.
How do I cancel my subscription? Will I get a refund?
How will I be charged and will I be notified?
Can I still reschedule my lesssons? How does that work in the current model?
Are the payments secure?