About Keshav Mohankumar

A Proficient Carnatic Classical Violinist, Keshav has been into violin playing for more than 11 years and has a teaching experience of 5 years. A “B-HIGH grade of All India Radio” and also a recipient of CCRT Central Government scholarship. Shri. Keshav Mohankumar is a regular performer in concerts since 2013 and has performed in various National concert series like Kalavanta, Spirit of Youth, and GCMA. His teaching comprises various finger flexibility and sliding exercises curated especially by himself. Kesav thrives to achieve various fingering techniques based on instrumental style, adapting the slides or the gamakas with respect to vocal (gayaki).

Awards & Highlights

A direct B-HIGH grade from All India Radio and Doordharshan in the year 2018. Performed in National level concerts like Spirit of Youth and GCMA. Accompanied in concerts with senior and established musicians.

Courses handled