About Sumanth Achar

Sumanth Achar is a well-liked performing Morsing artiste who has shared stage and accompanied several senior artists in the field of Carnatic music. Hailing from a family of musicians, Sumanth Achar developed his love for the art from a very early age. His great grandfather Bellary Sri M. Raghavendra Achar was a famous violinist of yester years. His grandfathers Vidwan Sri Bellary M. Venkatesh Achar & Vidwan Sri Bellary M. Seshagiri Achar were well known as Bellary Brothers in the field of Carnatic music. Under the tutelage of his father, Sumanth has mastered the art of Morsing over the years. His first stage performance was at the age of 19 with his aunt Smt. Vani Sathish one of the leading artist in Carnatic music. He was noted for his unique style of playing, as it had a rich tonal clarity and canarous beauty. Sumanth has also learnt the mridangam under Sri. K.U. Jayachandra Rao and is equally proficient in the Western drums. He has completed 6 Grades in the Western drums from the Trinity College of music, London. He is also the recipient of REV.SR.David, F.M.M prize for the youngest topper in the professional level. His electrifying performances has always made the artists in awe and he has never failed to impress the audience. While the artists have appreciated his accompaniment, the audience has admired him.

Awards & Highlights

He has developed a unique style of playing Morsing, as a performer his playing technique consists of rich tonal clarity & melodic beauty. He has also undergone the tutelage of mridangam under Vid K.U. Jayachandra Rao He has been successful in impressing the artists & the audience alike. While the artists have appreciated his accompaniment, the audience has admired him He has performed in various places in Karnataka as well as in Chennai. He has accompanied several senior artists of Carnatic music.

Courses handled