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This course provides in depth Carnatic veena training that includes playing complex varnams in different speeds, advanced level krithis (including 1 Pancharathna Krithi) and techniques to achieve dexterity over the instrument. This course also focuses on Kalpana swara training and Raaga Aalapana training. On completion of this course, students will be able to handle the instrument with great ease and play complex Carnatic music krithis with simple kalpana swaras, neravals and raga aalapanas. On completion of this course, the student will be a complete Carnatic Veena Artist, well equipped to perform full time music concerts and achieve his/her musical ambitions.


Students have learnt carnatic veena upto varnam level or above.

Course Overview

  • Category : veena
  • Modules : 5
  • Level : Advanced
  • Duration: 12 - 15 Months Approx.


An introduction to important concepts that are mandatory to understand before going into advanced lessons.

A minimum of 10 aadhi thala and 5 ata thala varnams in atleast 2 degree speeds with Thisram. This module also include Voice/Fingering training in different raagams.

A minimum of 10 vilamba kaala (Slow Speed) and Dhuritha Kaala (Fast Speed) advanced krithis.

Lessons to train the students in simple Raaga Alapana and kalpana swara techniques.

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