Beginner Traditional Yoga

We are all blessed with two priceless instruments of action and perception: our body and our mind. We can learn to keep them tuned together, in inner harmony with our heart- the seat of aspirations. Then, as our heart comes in tune with the rhythm of life that's all around us, our individual life becomes a beautiful accompaniment in the cosmic kutcheri. Traditional Yoga is one of the best ways to achieve this tuning. In the beginning, we learn to make the discipline of yoga a part of our life. The tradition calls it 'kriya yoga'. It has three aspects: Tapas- specific practices for tuning the body and mind, Svadhyaya- study, discussion and contemplation to tune the intellect, Ishvara pranidhana- tuning our hearts to God through devotion. Based on this traditional approach of yoga, we have designed a course that's in tune with the hearts of music lovers. The practices are taught in a way to facilitate inner alignment and harmony, which open the store house of unlimited creativity residing within us. We shall learn some time tested techniques of hatha and laya yoga in the frame work of understanding provided by the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Sri Patanjali.

Course Modules

  1. Tuning the body and prana - Sudhi Kriyas

    Diet and lifestyle counseling, simple hatha yoga techniques using breathing, stretching and body stimulation.
  2. Tuning the body and prana - Basic Asanas

    Hatha yoga postures for better relaxation, improving flexibility, inner balance and stability.
  3. Tuning the prana and mind - Pranayama

    Developing inner silence and the art of tuning the life force with our will.
  4. Tuning the prana and mind - Meditation

    Classical techniques selected from Upanishads, Yoga sutras and the Tantras.
  5. Tuning the intellect and heart - Svadhyaya

    Study and discussion on various topics connected to the purpose of yoga, for developing the basic inner clarity required for conflict-free commitment to the discipline of yoga.
  6. Tuning the intellect and heart - Ishvara bhakti

    Clarifying our attitude towards the spiritual reality and facilitating its practical application in our everyday life.

Course Features

HQ Video Call Classroom with Recording Feature

One to One, High quality classes through an in-built customized video call application that works on the browser without the need to install any external software like skype or facetime. All you need is a Laptop, Chrome/Firefox and a good internet connection. There is also a built-in class recorder which lets users record their lessons and playback later for practise.

Dashboard - Progress Tracking

Every student is provided with a dashboard with features to track practice, performance and course progress. It displays course modules, class feedbacks, improvement tips, next class timings and a lot more information.

Class Schedule / Rescheduler

A calendar that displays the upcoming classes, concerts and other events. A easy drag-drop interface to allow rescheduling of classes to allow maximum flexibility.

Course Gallery

Course Gallery holds the course ebooks, course related videos, notations, informative pictures and various other information that is regularly updated and maintained.

Notes Timeline

Completed classes are updated with class notes, improvement tips, practise notes and feedbacks from Guru that are stored in the form of a timeline for future reference.

Music Theory Blackboard

A music theory Q and A blackboard that is maintained by the Guru to educate the students in music theory.


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