About Sharly

Sharly is a Chennai based Violinist and Cellist. She is a student of AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. Having been trained in western Violin and Cello for more than 6 years, she has performed in many shows in places like Phoenix Mall, The Grid and concerts in KM. She took her initial training in Neyveli, under the guidance of Mr. Antony Raj. She is an engineering graduate, however, due to her overwhelming passion for music, she joined KM Music Conservatory to study further. She was one of the violinists and cellist in the KM Chamber ensemble led by Mr. Anupam Roy. She worked in the music single "Needhi". She has trained more than 30 students across India.

Awards & Highlights

Finished foundation course in AR Rahman's KM college with merit. Trained over 30+ students. Strong in western music theory.

Courses handled