About Sachidanand Sankaranarayanan

Sachidanand aka Sachi is a young top Carnatic Mandolin and Guitar artist, Composer, Programmer, Arranger and Sound Designer. He learnt mandolin under the tutelage of Mandolin Shri U P Raju and Nagamani, for over 10 years. He was a quintessential part of the Sastra universitys music team that won various events like NIT Trichys Festember, IIT Saarang, VITs Riviera and has won the best instrumentalist for playing mandolin and melodica. Sachi is a multi versatile, multi instrumentalist who plays various instruments like Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, Recorder, Drums and percussions. With Mandolin and Guitar as his primary instruments, he plays various genres like Blues, Ethnic, Pop, Classical, Country, Fusion and Ambient, apart from Carnatic. He is a part of various such fusion acts across India. He has been a part of the Airtel Super Singer band Sargam and has shared the shared with renowned artists like Stephen Devassy, Rajesh Vaidhya, Keba Jeremiah. He has played Mandolin, Bass guitar and melodica for various independent songs, albums, jingles and several unreleased feature film scores. Apart from being a multi instrumentalist, he has also composed music for various short films, ad jingles and animations. He has done Foley and sound mixing for a few pilots and short films. Though he was trained in Carnatic music, his passion also drew him towards the music of the west. He has completed Grade 5 in Music Theory from Trinity College of Music, in first class and has a flair in composing neo and classical orchestral scores and game music. He has several original soundtrack as well as cover demos to his credit. He has music production credits for four multi genre Indian fusion and devotional albums. He has also been credited for composing additional scores for various composers. One of his notable collaborations is with the composer Ghibran from 2017, where he collaborated in additional music and orchestrations. He also works as a mixing and mastering engineering and has a handful of covers, originals, jingles and a studio album to his credit. He plays Mandolin, bass guitar and acoustic instruments for the Belgian based theatre group "Bharati 2" and tours with the same group. He has contributed to some of the scores of the theatre and has performed in various places across Europe. He plays with various bands and has performed in various venues across India.

Awards & Highlights

Trained in Carnatic Mandolin by Shri U.P. Raju and Nagamani. A versatile Mandolin and Guitar player who plays over 6 genres like blues, ethnic, pop, classical, country, fusion and ambient, apart from Carnatic. Has been a part of the Airtel Super Singer band 'Sargam' and has shared the stage with renowned artists like Stephen Devassy, Rajesh Vaidhya and Keba Jeremiah. Over 10 years of Mandolin and Guitar performance and teaching experience.

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