About Yogeshvar Karthik

Yogeshvar Karthik is a traditional teacher of yoga with a wide experience in teaching people from different backgrounds, both in India and abroad. He learnt yoga from various traditional and non - traditional sources and is committed to the traditional approach to teaching. He follows the Shankara Advaita parampara and is a disciple of Sri Dravidacharya Ramakrishnan Swamiji of 'Shastra nethralaya'. Yogeshvar is known in the Tamil speaking world for his unique yoga program in Jaya TV (1999-2011). He is a versatile teacher who humorously combines various streams of knowledge, facilitating the practical wisdom of yoga in his students.

Awards & Highlights

Thought Yoga to thousands of people through the popular show 'Yoga Kalai' in Jaya tv. Trained over 500 students all over the world.

Courses handled