Vijay Krishnan

Vijay Krishnan (VK) is a popular hard rock guitar player based out of Chennai. Vijay is an end-to-end self-taught guitar player who found his way by writing his own notes in his own language. Heavily inspired by Guitar Legends such as Jimmy Page, Slash, and Mark Tremonti, his music direction took him to a whole new level which led to the formation of The Beta Funktion – One of Chennai’s popular bands. His unique rock n roll style of playing, tonal characteristics, songwriting, and arrangement helped the band win several accolades in many of the prestigious competitions conducted throughout Chennai, Bangalore, and even Goa. Nine years of hard work, persistence, and practice have now led him to form a band called Wacx with Jitesh James Dharmaraj who is Chennai’s most popular bass guitarist, also the bassist of India’s most popular bands Junkyard Groove and Tails on Fire. Wacx is yet to debut their gig in the country.

    Teacher Highlights

    • Formed Chennai's one of the most popular bands - The Beta Funktion.

    • Founded the band 'Wacx' with the highly reputed bassist 'Jitesh James Dharmaraj'.

    • A end to end self taught guitarist who has mastered every single nuance of the instrument.

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