Guitar Shylu Ravindran

Guitar Shylu is a pioneer in the field of Indian Carnatic Guitar. He hails from an illustrious family of Carnatic Musicians and took up playing Carnatic Music on the guitar from the tender age of 6. His unique guitar playing technique featured lightning-fast gamakas, intricate raga alapanas, and mind-boggling kalpana swaras had earned a wide reputation in India and abroad. Under the tutelage of the Veena maestro Sri Mudikondan Ramesh, Guitar Shylu was groomed into a mature artist performing all over the world. Guitar Shylu has performed at many of the top venues & prestigious music festivals and has been accompanied by great musicians including Dr.Ghatam Karthik, Prapancham Ravindran, Madurai Balasubramanian, Kalaimamani Muhursung Raman. He is also a part of the mega-hit band “HeArtBeat”.

    Teacher Highlights

    • Winner of "Best Guitarist Award in Rangrezza 2013" at the A.R. Rahman KM Conservatory

    • Winner of Arupathy Natasa Iyer Award from Krishna Gana Sabha

    • Concerts and Lectures all over the world

    Teacher Gallery

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