Sahib Singh

Guitarist, Band leader and Musical Director for Carnatic/Jazz Rock Quartet ‘Jatayu’. Honours student at Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music (SAM). Guitarist of now Defunct Band ‘Kurangan’. Guitarist for India’s Largest World Music Ensemble - The Casteless Collective. Western Harmony and Guitar/Ukulele Instructor. He has trained over 200 students in various forms of Guitar and Western Music as part of Life Art Education (LEA), Mahindra World School, and Maharishi Vidya Mandir in Mahindra City Naahar Public School. A highly innovative professional, Sahib Singh is a one of a kind guitarist who brings in a unique rhythmic style of playing with his percussive funk guitar technique. Having studied in India’s best contemporary music school, he got the exposure and experience that helped kick off his musical journey as a performing artist. The time spent at SAM helped him develop his ability to seamlessly merge various styles of music, without forcing it onto each other. This ability led to the birth of ‘Jatayu’.An experimental stylist, he likes to play with the myriad possibilities of sound creation. Performing live since 2010, Sahib has played 500+ shows all over the world.

    Teacher Highlights

    • Featured in Maruti Suzuki ad as part of an orchestra

    • Sahib was also featured in Yuvan Shakar Rajas's Canada tour

    • He is a member of the highly acclaimed bands KURANGAN (Tamil Pop Rock), KABER + TENMA, JATAYU (Carnatic fusion) and POPULAR MUSIC

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