About Sahib Singh

Sahib Singh is an innovative professional guitarist whose musical prowess spans multiple genres. Having been exposed to various styles of music at a very young age, this versatile artist adds various hues to his tunes with jazz voicing and rhythm styles. His multifaceted musical displays of Western Harmony, Ukulele, Bass, and Drums have given him an edge over other contemporaries. He has trained over 200 students in various forms of Guitar and Western Music as part of Life Art Education (LEA), Mahindra World School, and Maharishi Vidya Mandir in Mahindra City Naahar Public School. Sahib has performed all over the world and in elite venues like Live Band Night, Moon and Six pence, Live Band Night, Bay 146, Zaras, Illusions, Leela Palace, ITC Grand Chola, Fishermans cove, Lamandier, The Leather Bar, The Park Hotel, The Happy Rabbit Art Exhibition, Surf and Turf Covelong Surf Point to name a few.

Awards & Highlights

Featured in Maruti Suzuki ad as part of an orchestra Sahib was also featured in Yuvan Shakar Rajas's Canada tour He is a member of the highly acclaimed bands KURANGAN (Tamil Pop Rock), KABER + TENMA, JATAYU (Carnatic fusion) and POPULAR MUSIC

Courses handled