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Build Your Musical Foundation with Flute Online Courses

Our online flute course is designed for students who share a genuine passion for Indian classical music and an ardent interest in learning the versatile instrument. The flute has become a centerpiece instrument in classical, jazz, folk, and other popular genres. This ancient instrument belongs to the woodwind family comprising piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, and others. The flute captivates the audience with its wide range of pure and clear tunes in solo performance and ensemble playing. 

Flute Course Online – A One-Stop-Learning Experience for All

The flute instrument is characterized by its slender, cylindrical shape with a mouthpiece through which the player blows air to produce sound. It allows the air inside the instrument to vibrate while the pitch of the notes is altered by opening and closing the keys along the instrument’s body. Breath control, blowing, and finger techniques are intricate and can be mastered through self-learning. Our systematically created flute online course curriculum empowers students with a strong foundation in flute playing with hand positioning practice and a basic understanding of Taal, Sargam, and Ragas. Lessons are imparted by our handpicked faculty, who have strong musical backgrounds and help learners in their musical quest. With one-on-one sessions, assignments and assessments, you can master the instrument in no time. Learn at your own pace and convenience; apply for the best online flute courses from BMusician.

Film and Carnatic Flute Online Courses – What Will You Learn

Our flute course online is divided into four levels depending on your level of knowledge and understanding. The course syllabus includes the fundamentals of the instrument alongside Carnatic music and film genres. You will be guided through the various ragas, notes, and other techniques, enhancing your skills and confidence as a flute player. 

Our Online Flute Courses

Our Gurus

Our faculty members are more than just mere trainers. With their abundance of knowledge and experience, they act as a beam of light, nurturing young talents in their musical journeys through personalized music lessons online.

Student Testimonials

Our students’ testimonials and feedback reflect the unwavering commitment of the trainers and musical gurus to excellence. Their experience attests to the transformative potential of BMusician’s online musical classes and quality education.

The way of approaching by the team was excellent! Keep up the good work. The tutor has taught every lesson is clearly.


Durga Prasad

Frequently Asked Questions

The system has an in-built video call classroom that works on the all major browsers. All you need is a laptop/desktop with camera and microphone attached and any one of the above mentioned browsers installed.

If you wish you take the classes on your phone, you can use the Bmusician app. Bmusician App is available both on Android and iOS.

There are basically two ways to get started with the classes. Live 1-to-1 or a Shared Slot. In case of LIVE 1-to-1, you can click the Enrol button below, tell us your time preferences i.e. when you will be free to take up the classes. We will allocate you a Teacher and Timeslot based on your preferences.

For Shared slots, you can click on the Teachers tab above, click the instructor you are interested in and select a timeslot that suits you and complete enrollment.

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