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Learn the Beats and Rhythms – Join the Best Online Drum Course

Drums are versatile percussion instruments widely used across various musical genres worldwide. Cylindrical or bowl-shaped instruments with a stretched membrane produce sound when struck with hands, sticks, or mallets. Each variety of drums, whether snare drums, bass drums, tom-toms or congas, offers unique tonal characteristics. Drums play a fundamental role in providing rhythm, texture, and dynamics in music, serving as the heartbeat of ensembles and bands. Our online drum course teaches you different rhythms and beats and how to keep up the tempo while capturing the song’s mood as it changes.

Online Drum Course for Self-Paced Learning

From tribal rituals to modern rock concerts, drums have been integral to human expression, conveying emotions, enhancing performances, and inspiring listeners for centuries. Learn drums online at your pace and experience the diverse mix of musical rhythms and styles from the convenience of your place and time. Our faculty comprises top drummers coming from solid musical backgrounds. They supervise your learning through group and individual sessions, assignments, and assessments. The certified courses are designed to train you in new-age concepts and develop confidence for stage performances. Join our online drum courses today!

  • Beginner


The beginner drum course focuses on the fundamentals and basics of drumming while keeping a musical context. This course aims at teaching the students the stick techniques, rhythm reading, rudiments, improvisation ideas and coordination exercises. Upon completion of the course, the student will have the basic technique to develop their own musical voice and expression through rhythm on the drum set.


This course is suitable for absolute beginners and also for students who have learnt some basics concepts of drumming.


  • Basic Theory & Stick Technique
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 3 hours

    A brief introduction to basic theory concepts. Hand position, Stick Rebound, Match grip versus traditional grip, Single and Double strokes
  • Reading Rhythms
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 10 hours

    Music Notation, Time signatures, Basic etudes, Importance of reading music, Sight reading
  • Rudiments
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 15 hours

    A look at the 40 rudiments and how they can be applied around the drum set.
  • Basic Jazz, Rock and Funk grooves
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 15 hours

    A look at famous musicians and grooves from the jazz, rock and funk idiom
  • Improvisation Ideas
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 10 hours

    Trading 4’s and 8’s in any context or genre, open soloing, having fun at the drum set
  • Coordination Exercises
    Difficulty: Professional
    Duration: 15 hours

    The importance of playing with both hands, ostinatos, 4-way independence.
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How to Learn Drum – Course Details and Fundamentals

We provide flexible online learning opportunities, catering to students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Learn to master the drums at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Our online drum lessons are divided into different levels to fine-tune your knowledge about the instrument and advance your career in the music industry. 

Our Gurus

Our faculty members are more than just mere trainers. With their abundance of knowledge and experience, they act as a beam of light, nurturing young talents in their musical journeys through personalized music lessons online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The system has an in-built video call classroom that works on the all major browsers. All you need is a laptop/desktop with camera and microphone attached and any one of the above mentioned browsers installed.

If you wish you take the classes on your phone, you can use the Bmusician app. Bmusician App is available both on Android and iOS.

There are basically two ways to get started with the classes. Live 1-to-1 or a Shared Slot. In case of LIVE 1-to-1, you can click the Enrol button below, tell us your time preferences i.e. when you will be free to take up the classes. We will allocate you a Teacher and Timeslot based on your preferences.

For Shared slots, you can click on the Teachers tab above, click the instructor you are interested in and select a timeslot that suits you and complete enrollment.

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