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Learn to Play Ukulele – A Brief Introduction of the Hawaiin Instrument

Jamming with your friends around a bonfire is always fun, but carrying a stringed instrument like the guitar is often challenging. How about a portable alternative capable of producing a bright and cheerful sound? The Hawaiin Ukulele is the one you can carry everywhere, like casual jam sessions, campfires, and intimate performances. The Ukulele belongs to the guitar family but is relatively small, with a simple chord structure and a compact fretboard, suitable for players with minimal experience handling stringed instruments. You can join our Hawaiin Ukulele lessons online and be ready for jamming on your next trip.

Why Choose BMusician for Online Ukulele Lessons

The Ukulele can produce beautiful tunes, which has earned the instrument a prominent position across many musical genres, like classical, folk, and pop. Learn to play Ukulele online directly from our qualified musicians through engaging and interactive sessions. You can learn the techniques and develop your vocal skills as well. At BMusician, the classes are divided into group and individual sessions to allow you a slow and self-paced learning environment. Your progress will be carefully measured through assignments and assessments. The certified online Ukulele courses also help boost your performance confidence.

  • Basics of Ukulele


This course gives the students full exposure to the unique sound and style of the Ukulele. Originating from Hawaii, the Ukulele is an ‘easy to learn’ instrument and due to its size lets you carry it anywhere from campfire jams to office parties. In this course, students will learn to play Chords, Scales, Strumming and Improvisation techniques on the Ukulele. Students will also be trained in the Western classical harmony and music theory. This course will also help the students to develop and learn various Hawaiian rhythms and sounds from that region.


Students who are new to music training/learning and instruments.


  • Introduction to Ukulele and Western Harmony
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 3 hours

    Basic finger exercises, music notation and music theory
  • Understanding the Ukulele and western harmony level 2
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 15 hours

    Learning chords and scales, chord formation and finger technique.
  • Strumming techniques
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 15 hours

    Working on right hand techniques and understanding rhythm.
  • Advanced harmony and improvisation techniques
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 20 hours

    Learning extended bossa nova and jazz harmony and how to improvise using them.
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Online Ukulele Lessons – Thins You Will Learn

The Ukulele comes in various sizes, including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, each with a unique sound and playing style. Our online Ukulele lessons are curated to help you master the different types and learn more about Hawaiian music. You will learn the basic chords, strumming patterns, finger techniques, and many more.

Our Gurus

Our faculty members are more than just mere trainers. With their abundance of knowledge and experience, they act as a beam of light, nurturing young talents in their musical journeys through personalized music lessons online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The system has an in-built video call classroom that works on the all major browsers. All you need is a laptop/desktop with camera and microphone attached and any one of the above mentioned browsers installed.

If you wish you take the classes on your phone, you can use the Bmusician app. Bmusician App is available both on Android and iOS.

There are basically two ways to get started with the classes. Live 1-to-1 or a Shared Slot. In case of LIVE 1-to-1, you can click the Enrol button below, tell us your time preferences i.e. when you will be free to take up the classes. We will allocate you a Teacher and Timeslot based on your preferences.

For Shared slots, you can click on the Teachers tab above, click the instructor you are interested in and select a timeslot that suits you and complete enrollment.

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