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Experience the Musical Adventure – Learn Violin Online

The violin is widely recognized for its melodious tune and versatility. It is often played solo or used in ensembles like orchestras and bands. Today, the violin has emerged as one of the primary instruments across various musical genres, from Indian and Western classical to jazz, folk, and contemporary. The violin music can inspire emotions in listeners; hence, it is acclaimed worldwide for its beautiful compositions like Beethoven and Bach. L. Subramaniam is considered India’s violin icon.” Enjoy the musical joyride; take online violin classes from BMusician.

BMusician Online Violin Lessons: Your Pathway to Musical Mastery

The violin is a string instrument played with a bow, like a guitar and mandolin. However, unlike others, this instrument doesn’t have frets; four strings are usually played by drawing a bow across the strings. This allows the music to glide through, creating a beautiful symphony. As easy as it may sound, the violin is tricky to master. Our certified online violin courses will teach you the intricate techniques of the instrument via one-on-one interactive sessions, assignments, class recordings, and personalised feedback. You will be trained on the fundamentals of the instrument and different musical genres by our handpicked faculty with strong musical backgrounds. Learn violin at your pace and convenience; sign up for our online classes today!

How to Learn Violin – Course Details and Fundamentals

Embark on your journey into Indian and Western classical violin with our curated course curriculum spearheaded by top musical gurus. Start from the basics and dive deep into the world of Carnatic and other musical genres through thoughtfully crafted online violin lessons.

Our Online Violin Courses

Student Testimonials

Our students’ testimonials and feedback reflect the unwavering commitment of the trainers and musical gurus to excellence. Their experience attests to the transformative potential of BMusician’s online musical classes and quality education.

" I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the Guru and the supporting staff for all the help. We were initially apprehensive as to how long distance learning would work out, but all our concerns were alleviated within the first couple of sessions.
We have been so fortunate to have Guru Smt Bhooma Sriram teaching violin to our son Sameth Sitaram. She goes the extra mile to ensure that Sameth understands the theory behind raagas and thalas during the violin sessions. She usually sings the varnams or kritis and encourages Sameth to follow on violin. This is giving him a different perspective and wonderful learning experience.
Looking forward to a prolonged learning endeavor with Bmusician and the respected Guru.
Thanks and Regards,

Sreedhar Bala (New Jersey, USA)

The class was excellent as expected. Thank you Govidarajan Sir for teaching techniques

Praveen Paila

Trichy Dr. Govindarajan

Very good and effective class. Im encouraged by teacher to play from memory rather than referring to notes, and to practice basic lessons too in different ragas.

Srieedar J

Bhooma Shriram

Frequently Asked Questions

The system has an in-built video call classroom that works on the all major browsers. All you need is a laptop/desktop with camera and microphone attached and any one of the above mentioned browsers installed.

If you wish you take the classes on your phone, you can use the Bmusician app. Bmusician App is available both on Android and iOS.

There are basically two ways to get started with the classes. Live 1-to-1 or a Shared Slot. In case of LIVE 1-to-1, you can click the Enrol button below, tell us your time preferences i.e. when you will be free to take up the classes. We will allocate you a Teacher and Timeslot based on your preferences.

For Shared slots, you can click on the Teachers tab above, click the instructor you are interested in and select a timeslot that suits you and complete enrollment.

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