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Prominent composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven have left behind a legacy in Western classical music, and their contributions continue to inspire students for generations. The Western classical violin classes at our academy, BMusician, aim to nurture young aspirants with the same legacy and support them in carving a space for themselves in the industry. Our exclusive online course caters to aspiring violinists eager to master the authentic Western classical style. Suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners alike, each session is meticulously crafted to deliver lessons, exercises, and theoretical insights. Through personalized i-on-1 sessions and interactive live classes held weekly, you will receive tailored guidance in Western Classical Violin. Additionally, our instructors will provide you with complete knowledge about the musical genre and the key fundamentals of the instrument while supporting your self-paced learning for Grade examinations and certifications from internationally acclaimed universities like Trinity. At BMusician, you get the benefit of learning Western classical violin directly from prominent violinists in the industry. Our tutors come from musical solid gharanas who can aptly guide you through the learning curve. Additionally, you get the benefit of choosing schedules as per your convenience and learning the course from your home.
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The Violin takes the lead in the family for its mellifluous sound and wide range of applications. Violin plays a vital role in Western music. The most extensively used instrument in an orchestration is the violin followed by the viola, cello and double bass. Any symphony in music is incomplete without the presence of the violin as it is believed to bring out the soul and essence of a song. It's usage in Western and film music is very vast as it is used in accompaniment, orchestrations and also in lead. This course is designed for students who aspire to play western compositions on the Violin. The student will be trained in the basics of Western theory, Anatomy of the violin and it's usage. The student will be learning and understanding history of the genre of music. This course also includes in training of sight reading, various bowing techniques and finger position techniques. With accurate finger training and ear training, the student will be taught to apply the fundamentals in famous compositions.


Students who learnt music, New to western classical music


  • Introduction to western music theory
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 2 hours

    This module deals with emphasis on the origin and history of Western music. The student will understand an in-depth perspective and anatomy of the Violin, Historic evolution of Western classical music and how western classical music is different from other genres and also about the composers from different eras.
  • Basic Instrument handling techniques
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 8 hours

    This module deals with student learning the basic anatomy of the violin, how to string the instrument and tune it using the pegs and the screws. The student is taught basic western bow holds and bowing techniques. This module involves learning basic bowing exercises to strengthen the wrists.
  • Scales and its applications
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 20 hours

    This module deals with teaching the basic scales, difference between major and minor scales, understanding the progression of major and minor scales and basics of sight reading. The student will learn to play all the basic scales on the violin. This is focused on improving the dexterity and coordination of bowing and finger positioning on the violin.
  • Introduction to Time Signatures and its applications
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 15 hours

    This module focuses on teaching the student to play the multiple scales in music along with a rhythmic pattern. The student will learn to play the scales in multiple time signatures like 4/4, 3/4, 5/8 etc. The student will be taught to identify and correlate tonal similarities through accurate ear training. This module also teaches the basics of Sight reading and western notating.
  • Basic songs and jingles
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 20 hours

    This module focuses on teaching the students to use their theoretical and practical skills to play songs and famous musical pieces. The selected pieces will be by famous composers of different eras, the pieces will be less complex in nature and will act as a perfect training ground for the students to practice their skills on. It will feature multiple songs like Twinkle twinkle little star, Song of the Wind, Lightly row poi Go tell Aunt Rhody, O come little child.
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