About Saurabh Joshi

Saurabh Joshi is an international multi-instrumentalist having strong roots in Hindustani music Gharana tradition. The training he has received in Tabla performance, from the age of six, as a solo instrument and an accompaniment had led him to device new techniques of teaching in an extremely efficient and unique method. The students are made to understand the complex concepts and theories of Hindustani Classical and Light music through an innovative approach. Along with sharing the practical knowledge, Saurabh Joshi also blends the theoretical aspects of music, thereby giving a better understanding of any genre of music. This translates to effective learning in a shorter span of time. His students are also encouraged to break boundaries and explore new horizons. Owing to the knowledge and experience Saurabh shares with them based on his journey as a creative artist in different fields of Classical and Contemporary music fields. Saurabh’s ability to play instruments such as Cajon, Djembe, Darbuka, Dholak, Pakhawaj, Rythm Pads, Dotara, Guitar, Piano, Harmonium, Keyboard and many other melodic and percussive instruments, gives him a wider perspective of accompanying Tabla with all Indian and Western genres. Being trained as a sound engineer and music programmer under Dr. Rahman helps him to guide students also on how to work in a studio environment as an artist. Saurabh Joshi’s acumen in the field of performance and teaching gives him a cut above other music teachers, as his expanse of knowledge in playing a vast variety of percussive and string instruments belonging to different genres. His methodology of imbibing the theoretical aspects along with the practical knowledge also works effectively, as proven by many of his past and present students.

Awards & Highlights

Performed with A.R. Rahman as a part of his Sufi ensemble in various concerts alongside artists such as Sivamani and Javed Ali. Accompanied many renowned artists and bands on percussions and tabla such as Ganesh Rajgopalan, Karthick Iyer's INDOSOUL, Staccato and many more. Over 10 years of teaching experience and over 17 years of concert experience.

Courses handled