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The Legendary musician, the Late Mandolin U Shrinivas, pioneered and popularised the concept of playing Carnatic music on the mandolin. The instrument adds a distinctive style to this genre, and like the other stringed instruments, the mandolin is quite versatile but more convenient to carry. If you have an ear for Carnatic music, you will enjoy playing the classical notes on the instrument. At BMusician, our tutors are experienced mandolin players who have a rich musical background and worldwide recognition. Here, you can learn mandolin directly from such great gurus in your selected batches and class schedules. Lessons are imparted via live group and 1-to-1 sessions to ensure every student gets personalized attention. Every learner has a unique style and pace of learning, so our lessons are curated to accommodate different learning curves. Through class recordings, study materials, and assignments, you can master the instrument in no time.

The comprehensive course curriculum will give you hands-on experience with mandolin fingering techniques. Additionally, you will be trained closely to play the fundamentals of Carnatic music on instruments like Varisaigal, Alankarams, Geethams, Swarajathis, and more. On completion of your course, you will be certified by some of the top international universities. This will give your musical career a much-needed boost. Our stage performances will further elevate your skills and confidence. Get more details about our live courses; sign up for Carnatic mandolin lessons today!

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  • Intermediate


The art of playing the Carnatic music on the Mandolin was pioneered and popularised by the Legend Late Mandolin U Shrinivas. In this course, students will master this art via through live online, one to one lessons from top Carnatic Mandolin artists. Students will be trained to play the fundamentals of Carnatic music like Varisaigal, Alankarams, Geethams and Swarajathis on the Mandolin. This course will also teach the ways to produces the Gamakas on the Mandolin and some special Mandolin fingering techniques. On the completion of this course, students will be ready to play simple Carnatic songs (Krithis) on the Mandolin.


Students who are new to music training/learning and instruments.


  • Introduction to Carnatic music and Music theory
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 1 hour

    A brief introduction to Carnatic music, Indian Carnatic Raaga and Thala system.
  • Varisaigal
    Difficulty: Easy
    Duration: 10 hours

    Lessons that teach the fundamental ascending and descending melody sequences. This module also includes Aakaram training.
  • Alankaram
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 8 hours

    Alakarams are lessons composed in a variety of thalams that focuses on improving the rhythm aspects of the student. It involves singing/playing the notes in different speeds.
  • Geetham and Swarajathi
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 10 hours

    These simple lessons give the students a great exercise on combining the melody, notes and the thala.
  • Simple Krithis
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 10 hours

    Basic carnatic songs with a focus on improving the melody aspects of singing/playing.
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This course is focussed on improving the fingering techniques and the Carnatic music depth of the student. This is achieved by teaching the students Aadhi thala and Ata thala varnams in different speeds and Intermediate level Krithis. On completion of this course, the students will be able tohandle the instrument with a higher level of confidence and will be ready to play intermediate level Krithis (Carnatic songs) on the Mandolin.


Students who have learnt Carnatic Mandolin upto Geetham level and above.


  • Intermediate Level Theory
    Difficulty: Medium
    Duration: 1 hour

    An introduction to imporant concepts that are mandatory to understand before going into intermediate lessons.
  • Aadhi Thala Varnams
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 30 hours

    A minimum of 8 Aadhi thala varnams. This module also include Voice/Fingering training in different raagams.
  • Ata Thala Varnams
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 15 hours

    Any one Ata Thala varnam.
  • Intermediate Level Krithis
    Difficulty: Hard
    Duration: 25 hours

    A minimum of 5 intermediate level krithis composed by Trinities.
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Our Gurus

Our faculty members are more than just mere trainers. With their abundance of knowledge and experience, they act as a beam of light, nurturing young talents in their musical journeys through personalized music lessons online.

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Our students’ testimonials and feedback reflect the unwavering commitment of the trainers and musical gurus to excellence. Their experience attests to the transformative potential of BMusician’s online musical classes and quality education.

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