Passionate and skilled, I am an accomplished Indian percussionist with a specialization in playing the traditional Mridhangam. With six years of dedicated experience, I have honed my craft, becoming proficient in creating mesmerizing rhythms and adding captivating beats to traditional Indian music. My journey as a Mridhangam player has been marked by a deep love for the art form and a commitment to preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage through music.

Skill Highlights:

Proficient in playing the Mridhangam, a classical double-sided drum used in Carnatic music.
Extensive knowledge of various rhythmic patterns, talas, and intricacies of Indian percussion.
Skilled in collaborating with other musicians, enhancing musical performances with rhythmic support.
Adept at improvisation and adapting to diverse musical genres, showcasing versatility in my performances.
Deep understanding of the nuances of traditional Indian music and the importance of maintaining its authenticity.

Gurus Highlights

  1. won award from Laya Alaya

  2. won prizes conducted by Shankara academy.

  3. Played for concerts and bhajans

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