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Learning a musical instrument or perfecting your vocal skills has become a lot easier today. Modern technology has made it possible for aspiring singers and musicians to chase their dreams without compromising their primary careers. Online music courses bring you the benefits of the Internet and cutting-edge technology to learn something new and get certified at your convenient time and place. Learn a new instrument or refine your skills with top-notch instructors at your own pace through flexible class schedules and timings. At BMusician, we bring you the best of what online education has to offer alongside numerous courses designed to cater to a range of interests and skill levels, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Why Should You Pick Online Courses for Learning Music?

Before we dive into the different music courses you can learn online, let’s address the most common question – why online music lessons?
Music as an art form is best learned under the supervision of an experienced tutor. Individual attention to your competencies and deficiencies arises from a shared interpersonal relationship, which is possible through face-to-face learning.
It’s time to debunk the archaic approach to learning a new course. Modern technology and the power of the Internet have made online learning a preferred choice for students. Self-paced learning and time and place flexibility are key drivers. There are numerous other benefits of choosing an online musical academy to carve your career path in the music industry.

  •  Accessibility to the best tutors in the industry
  • Flexibility to choose one or more courses simultaneously
  • Ability to schedule classes at your convenient time
  • The freedom of anywhere, anytime learning
  • Industry exposure through networking and stage performances
  • International-level certification for worldwide recognition of your experience
  • Progress through lessons at a pace that suits you
  • Cost-effective courses that match your budget estimate
  • Access to high-quality resources and interactive tools for an immersive learning experience

And the list goes on…
Having settled on the debate that online music lessons are ideal for learners trying to juggle multiple roles simultaneously, let’s explore the course options you can choose from.

10 Best Music Courses to Learn Online

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your proficiency, here are the ten best online music courses for various instruments.

1. Vocal Music Course

Online vocal music courses offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic techniques to advanced vocal performance. These courses often include lessons on breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal health. Our BMusician Academy provides excellent vocal training programs spearheaded by prominent vocalists in the industry.

2. Flute Music Course

Learning the flute online can be incredibly rewarding, with courses designed to teach you proper breathing techniques, finger positioning, and music theory. The high-quality online music courses on flute are designed as per your understanding and skill levels.

3. Violin Music Course

Violinists can benefit from a variety of online music courses that focus on both classical and contemporary styles. These courses cover essential techniques such as bowing, fingering, and intonation. We provide international certification to validate your skills and upgrade your career in violin.

4. Mridangam Music Course

The mridangam, a traditional Indian percussion instrument, can be learned through specialized online courses that focus on rhythm patterns, hand techniques, and the cultural context of the instrument. At BMusician, we provide excellent mridangam courses for all levels.

5. Guitar Music Course

Guitar enthusiasts can find a plethora of online music courses that cater to various genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and classical. These courses often include video lessons, practice exercises, and performance tips. Join our guitar courses online and get trained by professional guitarists who come from prominent musical backgrounds and have years of experience in the musical industry.

6. Drums Music Course

Drumming courses online offer lessons in different styles, from rock and jazz to Latin and funk. These courses cover essential skills such as rhythm, timing, and coordination. Our online music lessons are popular choices for high-quality drum courses as they are designed according to the course curriculum followed by Trinity University.

7. Piano Music Course

Online piano courses are designed to teach students of all ages and skill levels. These courses cover fundamental techniques, music theory, and performance skills. We provide some of the best online piano courses remotely for students of all ages.

8. Ghatam Music Course

The ghatam, another traditional Indian percussion instrument, can be mastered through online courses that teach you about its history, playing techniques, and rhythmic patterns. Our specialized ghatam courses are curated for enthusiasts like you. Learn the instrument directly from recognized Ghatam players in the industry and give a boost to your musical career.

9. Keyboard Music Course

Keyboard courses online are perfect for learning everything from basic chords to advanced improvisation techniques. These courses often include video tutorials, sheet music, and interactive exercises. BMusician Academy is one of the top choices for online keyboard courses, where lessons are imparted by renowned keyboard players who will give you individual attention and guide you through your learning curve.

10. Saxophone Music Course

For aspiring saxophonists, online courses provide comprehensive lessons on breathing techniques, finger positioning, and improvisation. At BMusician, we offer excellent saxophone courses that cater to both beginners and advanced players. From live online sessions to one-to-one classes and assignments to stage performances, our music courses will give you the correct exposure in the industry.


Choosing the right music course online can significantly enhance your learning experience and help you achieve your musical goals. These ten best online music courses offer high-quality instruction across a variety of instruments, making it easier than ever to embark on your musical journey. Whether you’re interested in vocal training, mastering a classical instrument like the violin, or diving into percussion with the mridangam or ghatam, there’s an online course tailored to meet your needs. Explore these courses and discover the joy of learning music online.

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