Intermediate Bharatanatyam | COURSE DETAILS & SYLLABUS

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In the Intermediate Bharatnatyam course, students will learn Ganapathy kauthuvam, Alarippu, Jathiswarams, Sabdham and Padhams, followed by Asamyutha hastas slokam and Samyutha hastas slokas. This course also include eye movement and neck movement training. On the completion of this course, students will be well prepared for advanced level course where they will learn varnams, advanced padhams, sanchari, ashtapathi, javalis, thillanas and much more.

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The system has an in-built video call classroom that works on the all major browsers. All you need is a laptop/desktop with camera and microphone attached and any one of the above mentioned browsers installed.
If you wish you take the classes on your phone, you can use the Bmusician app. Bmusician App is available both on Android and iOS.
There are basically two ways to get started with the classes. Live 1-to-1 or a Shared Slot. In case of LIVE 1-to-1, you can click the Enrol button below, tell us your time preferences i.e. when you will be free to take up the classes. We will allocate you a Teacher and Timeslot based on your preferences.
For Shared slots, you can click on the Teachers tab above, click the instructor you are interested in and select a timeslot that suits you and complete enrollment.