Beginner Film Flute

This course is for students who are looking for a quicker approach to mastering the Flute. This course is a beautiful blend of Hindustani and Carnatic training on the Flute where students will learn the basics of both these genres including some interesting Bansuri exercises, Varisaigal in various ragas (scales), Alankarams and Geethams. Students will be then trained to play Jingles, simple Indian film numbers and simple background scores (BGM). In the Intermediate and Advanced levels of this course, students will be trained to play classic Indian film music compositions on the Flute.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction to the fundamentals of music

    A brief introduction to the fundamental concepts of music like the notes, scales, beats, rhythm, tempo, Indian Carnatic Raaga, Thala system and the different genres of music.
  2. Carnatic Music Training - Shorter Version

    In the module, the students will be trained in the basics of carnatic music that includes Varisaigal, Alankarams and Geethams. This module will not cover all the basic carnatic concepts in depth but will take a quicker yet effective route.
  3. Voice Culture/ Dextirity Exercises and Playback Training

    This module will teach the students various exercises like Shruthi Setting, Modulation training, Akara sadhakam and so on to improve the pitching, range, gamakas and various other aspects of Vocal/ Instrumental music. In this module, students will be also be trained in singing/ playing songs of different types and emotions.
  4. Rhythm Training

    In this module, students will be exposed to the thala system or the time signatures. Guru will train the students to sing simple songs in different time signatures and tempos.
  5. Simple Film Songs

    Students will be trained to sing atleast 5 simple film songs in perfect pitch and rhythm.

Course Features

HQ Video Call Classroom with Recording Feature

One to One, High quality classes through an in-built customized video call application that works on the browser without the need to install any external software like skype or facetime. All you need is a Laptop, Chrome/Firefox and a good internet connection. There is also a built-in class recorder which lets users record their lessons and playback later for practise.

Dashboard - Progress Tracking

Every student is provided with a dashboard with features to track practice, performance and course progress. It displays course modules, class feedbacks, improvement tips, next class timings and a lot more information.

Class Schedule / Rescheduler

A calendar that displays the upcoming classes, concerts and other events. A easy drag-drop interface to allow rescheduling of classes to allow maximum flexibility.

Course Gallery

Course Gallery holds the course ebooks, course related videos, notations, informative pictures and various other information that is regularly updated and maintained.

Notes Timeline

Completed classes are updated with class notes, improvement tips, practise notes and feedbacks from Guru that are stored in the form of a timeline for future reference.

Music Theory Blackboard

A music theory Q and A blackboard that is maintained by the Guru to educate the students in music theory.


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